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Frequently Asked

"How do guests get the photos?"

Our favorite way – prints! Your guests leave with a stack of prints from the night (yes we have the classic photo strips too). Plus, they have access on their phone to a unique gallery link, for downloading and sharing photos as soon as they are taken. You simply text or email the gallery one time, right from the photo booth. See more about our Printing Booth Note: Selfie Booth does not offer prints.

"Do we get all the images?"

Yes! You will have a Live Gallery that is instantly updated each time someone captures a new photo, video, or boomerang. (Think of your Live Gallery as a custom digital photo album for you and your guests!) ⁠⁠ You will have full access to this gallery during and for 2 months after the event to download any or all the captures.

"How much space is needed to set up?"

Great things come in small packages! We only need an 8x8x8 ft. space to allow for the booth and easy access for visitors.

"Do you require power/internet?"

Our Printing Booth requires two standard three-prong outlets within 20 feet. Our Selfie Booth can be powered without an outlet (we provide a battery)! A wifi connection is preferred, but we can use our own hotspot when wifi is not an option. On the off chance that there is no internet connection, our photo booths still work. All photos and video files can still be airdropped during the event. They will be saved and pushed out to your guests as soon as internet connection is available (usually the next business day). 

"What is an overlay?"

An overlay is a transparent graphic that is put on top of your pictures such as your wedding date and names or your logo. It is a great way to add an extra flair to your pictures! (example to the right) 

Does the photo booth capture more than pictures?

YES! We have so much fun seeing all the GIFs, boomerangs and video messages guests create! To clarify, a GIF takes 3 photos and animates the image as a video (almost like a mini slideshow). A Boomerang takes 3 photos and stitches them together into a video that plays forward and backward repeatedly.

If you're looking for a party add on that your guests will be thrilled about, you're in luck. Let's get your event on our calendar.


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